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note Productions would like to acknowledge the generous support of the organisations listed opposite.

note Productions is a company committed to the top quality production of high-profile concerts and to expanding the audience for jazz in Ireland. This will be achieved not by compromising the music but through a dynamic and highly visible marketing strategy and by developing the public's trust through a commitment to quality. note is not a traditional concert promoter. In addition to fulfilling that role we specialise in providing opportunities for sponsorship by adding value to events through sophisticated marketing, advertising, design, public relations and production.

Following European trends, jazz has recently been growing in popularity in Ireland and for the past two years has been the fastest growing genre in Irish record shops.

In becoming involved with one of our projects, either as a title or associate sponsor, your company associates itself with a glamorous, high profile and prestigious series of events which will be seen as discerning, sophisticated, creative, innovative, hip, inspiring, world-class and international in nature. Your company will have the opportunity to sustain a high level of brand visibility among the target audience over periods ranging from two months to year-round.

Each concert marks not just a cultural red-letter day but a glamorous social occasion and in this regard our concerts provide the perfect opportunity for corporate entertainment. As a sponsor, your company will be allocated tickets to each concert and priority booking arrangements will be put in place should you wish to purchase further tickets.

The key benefits of sponsoring one of our projects are:

  • The opportunity for corporate entertainment.
  • The enormous exposure that will accrue to your company on the back of the exposure gained by the event (through both advertising and editorial).
  • The opportunity to reinforce the association at the event itself through branding in the venues and in the concert programmes.
  • The nature of the association and the consequent enhancement of long-term brand values. The superb design of the advertising and concert programmes, the excellence of the music and the quality of the experience will lend the perception of quality to your product or service.

We are working on a number of projects which will begin late in the next 12 months. If your company is interested in an association with note Productions, we can provide more detailed information on the projects we think would suit your company's image, the benefits and costs involved, and specific information on the target audience, etc. We would be happy to answer any queries and we would be interested in any ideas you have as to how the association might be developed. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

t: +353 - 1 - 616 5226
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