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Note Productions present

Clang Sayne

with support from Vanishing Lakes
live visuals from Donal Dineen

Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8
Friday 24th March
Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: €14/10 a/v from

Laura Hyland – vocals & guitar
Judith Ring – vocals & cello
Matthew Jacobson – vocals & drums
Carolyn Goodwin – vocals & clarinet

Clang Sayne was founded by Wexford woman, Laura Hyland, in London in 2008 to fuse multiple influences from folk song to sound art into what she describes as ‘songscape’. Comparisons span everything from Julie Tippetts, to Sandy Denny, David Sylvain, and Tim Buckley’s Starsailor era.

Currently based in Ireland, the group is led by Laura on voice and (an entirely unique approach to) acoustic guitar. Judith Ring, better known for her contemporary classical compositions, here sings and plays cello. Renowned jazz drummer, Matthew Jacobson (Ensemble Eiru, ReDiViDeR) plays kit plus various objects and sings, and Carolyn Goodwin whose interests range from Malinese balafon to music theatre plays bass clarinet and sings.

Together, they create an atmospheric and spellbinding soundworld that moves seamlessly between intricate arrangement and playful improvisation. The presence of vocals from all four makes for a sumptuous, vivid and often surprisingly big sound. In essence these songs – like all songs – are stories: they tell of people, places and everyday mundane events that make up our lives. Taken on their own, the lyrics could as easily be presented as poetry. The combination of skilled musicianship, refined lyricism and a whole lot of imagination make for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience, either live or on record.

exhilarating in its refusal to conform” – Clive Bell, The Wire Magazine

an uncategorizable approach to songcraft” Tokafi Magazine DE

….possessing a “freestyle guile, wonky pop spirit and avant-everything experimental folk-jazz moxie” Jim Carroll, Irish Times

Support is from Vanishing Lakes .

Minimalist music in the style of Rachels, Clogs and A Winged Victory for the Sullen - This is a chamber ensemble that riffs on jazzy, smoky landscapes. 
Their compositions float from cello to clarinet, to guitar and back, setting a transcendent tone. Ghostly instrumental noise infuses a delicate ballet of warm and icy tones, of percussive and droning sounds that create haunting atmospheres...


Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8
Friday 24th March Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: €14/10 a/v from